Create and manage a flexible, cross-skilled workforce

Easy to use software solution to help meet labor demands by unlocking labor.

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Software to meet your shifting talent needs

Gig and Take | Step 1 | Find and hire

Skills operating system

Digitized skills matrix as the foundation for workforce management
Gig and Take | Step 1 | Fast track onboarding

Real-time scheduling

Optimized scheduling using cross-skilled workers across departments
Gig and Take | Step 3 | Match workers

Flex shifts enablement

App to enable workers to pick and choose shifts as per skills and availability

Step 1

Identify talent

Find and hire flexible workers from a pool of vetted part-time employees.

Identify talent

Step 2

Onboard workers

Ensure quick and thorough onboarding including mandatory OSHA and plant safety.

Onboard workers

Step 3

Maximize fit

Determine the right jobs and shifts aligned to the talent pool.

Maximize fit

Step 4

Create shifts

Eligible workers select available shifts and feed into an automated shift plan.

Create shifts

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  • Susan W
    Gig and Take gave us access to a diverse worker pool — parents of school aged children, students, even retirees who still want to work.
    Susan W
    Vice President of HR at Carlisle Construction Materials
  • Agi Karalyos
    The flexibility Gig and Take offers has opened doors for people with varying commitments and it supports my efforts in creating an inclusive and supportive work environment.
    Agi Karalyos
    Corporate Recruiter at Holman Manufacturing and Distribution
    Gig and Take | Case Study

    Bringing flexible workers in a continuous manufacturing process

    We helped a multi billion dollar construction company address their labor shortages by bringing in a flexible labor pool to work seamlessly with their full time employees.
    Read below for more details.
    Read the case study
    Gig and Take | Case Study

    Tweak job design to make best use of skilled resources

    One of our customers used the flexible workers for low skilled jobs, freeing up time from their more skilled, full time employees.
    Read below for more details.
    Read the case study

    Why Gig and Take

    UP TO


    increase in applications for open roles and reduced cost for hiring.


    reduction in overtime costs.


    savings on recruitment costs.